Friday, August 8, 2014

Water Fitness

happy friday!! another week is almost in the books. my knee is feeling better. i go for an MRI on Monday to check out the degree of the stress fracture. i haven't had to wear my brace in a few days. i can honestly say that i have been pain free.  i am hoping the MRI comes back okay and i can slowly start increasing my exercise. but until then...

 i started to do water fitness for an hour a day. my first day was on tuesday. i am not going to lie. i felt funny jumping into a pool full of women who were twice my age or more. not one single person was near my age bracket. but, i decided to make the most of it and prayed that it would be somewhat of a good workout... and it totally was!

i coud do every exercise at my pace and push myself harder than the older ladies. the instructor took time to show me ways to make the exercises more challenging... and to be honest. i was dying during a few of them! i couldn't believe the amount of energy i was using to workout in the water. doing jumping jacks in the water is SOOO much better on my knee than on land... i still felt like my heart rate was increased, but without any pain.

i plan on going to water fitness classes all next week... and then i head back to school the following week. it has been nice not having to work and just focus on me over the past six weeks. i honestly have NO clue how i am going to balance work, wife, mom, and me in a couple weeks. i will be happy to take any ideas. because i am stressing just thinking about it.

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