Thursday, August 14, 2014

heathy food hater.

i have come to the realization of something over the past six weeks. i will openly admit this since it has been on my mind.

i really don't like healthy food. i usually start out liking it... but then i just get tired of it. i get tired of veggies, chicken, and fruit. i get tired of almonds, granola bars, and fiber cereal. i get tired of eating healthy.

BUT WHY don't i get tired of eating junk. i don't get tired of cookies. EVER. i don't get tired of eating doritos. NEVER. i don't get tired of candy or pizza. or wings. or ice cream. NOT AT ALL.

so why do i get sick of healthy food. why do i not like healthy food. this is why i am in a constant battle with my weight.

because i HATE healthy food. and LOVE junk food.

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