Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tough weekend.

it was a tough weekend. the weekend started off with a double date with couple friends at the Cheesecake Factory.

i ate half a grilled chicken and avocado sandwich on butter drenched bread. it was pretty amazing. i had two lemon drop martinis and an amazing appetizer of chips and spinach dip. i, of course, finished off the meal with a piece of reese peanut butter cheese cake. it was out of this world. luckily, i was pretty full from dinner and drinks that i barely made a dent into the cheesecake.... so i brought it home!

today, i went to a beautiful bridal shower. it was super adorable. i skipped all desserts and stuck with fruit. i ate okay throughout the day... but, i knew the cheesecake was waiting for me in the fridge when i got home tonight. i ate a few bites and boxed it back up to finish tomorrow.

i didn't eat the healthiest this weekend, but didn't do my usual ridiculous eating either. weighed in this morning. down 3.2 pounds... for a total of 17 pounds. only one more pound until the 170s... and three more until the big 20 pound loss for the summer.

super busy week ahead... crazy week. here i go........

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