Saturday, August 2, 2014

stress fracture.

another week in the books. still doing okay. i got off the beaten path on thursday thanks to a wonderful dinner out in Philadelphia to celebrate my anniversary. we ate an amazing steak house. we also went to hershey park today. i had chicken fingers for lunch and a hot dog for dinner... i keep telling myself, that i could have done A LOT worse, but i focused on landon in the park and not on the food.
down another 1.8 pounds... that puts me down 14 pounds total. only a little over three more pounds to get into the 170s again. haven't seen that number in over a year!

went to the orthopedic specialist on thursday... turns out, i have a stress fracture in my knee. he wanted me on crutches, but i explained about having a toddler. he decided to put me in a ginormous knee brace instead. so no impact exercise for a while. like months....

so i decided to start something new. i am going to join the water fitness group at the gym starting monday morning. i need to keep this body moving if i plan on feeling better about myself.

bring on another week. my goal is to lose another two pounds! remember to check out "my journey" page for weight updates!

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