Tuesday, September 27, 2011

terrible tuesday.

i hate tuesdays.... three years ago i hated a sunday. i dreaded sunday evening around 4 and that feel of dread lasted until i went to sleep...

i now get that same feeling for a tuesday. having to get up at 6:00... teaching all day. and then heading to class.  and then dragging my tired butt through the door around 9:30. and then showering. and then i go to bed only to get up and start the routine all over again on a wednesday... luckily with no class in the schedule. tired and exhausted are the only two words that come to mind blogging about this and i am already dreading next tuesday.

tonight after class, i met a dear friend for dinner. we ate at one of my favorite restaurants... Cosi. we chatted about things happening in our lives and just enjoyed each others company. i ate a Chicken TBM. seriously one of the BEST sandwiches ever made.
my pants are feeling super snug... i am debating whether i should just bite the bullet and buy "fat" pants to  get me through until i lose some pounds. i should buy pants that fit me when i am twenty pounds up and twenty pounds down... there may be a shopping trip in the near future...

what is your least favorite day of the week? why?


  1. Tuesdays are my least favorite day Teresa, because it's 2 full days of work down, but the thought of 3 more to go is exhausting!! I don't think teaching special education then coaching middle school xc helps in that matter..... Keep up all your good work!! If you are really struggling, Matt and I use Metamucil to keep us feeling full! It helps keep us on track and tastes great :) Miss you! ~Kristin

  2. thanks so much for the suggestion! totally jumping on that! i agree with 3 more full days of work to go... miserable!! and you are teaching special education! that is such a HARD job! i bet you are absolutely fantastic at it though! miss you too!


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