Saturday, September 3, 2011

a lot can happen in ten days.

September... are we already in september? i have been neglecting my blog lately due to being overwhelmingly busy... i have had so many new and exciting thing happen over the past two weeks... so i will try to wrap them all up in a saturday morning post.

tim and i spent the end of last week packing up our apartment and getting ready for the big move...
i began to stress out BIG time on Thursday when I realized that a hurricane was heading towards us on our moving day. just our luck! we worked our tails off to get everything ready for the move so we wouldn't get caught in the rain moving our couches!
we had a fantastic moving team arrive on saturday morning. we were able to load and unload the truck in three and a half hours... as we were moving the last car load, the rain began... PERFECT timing.
thanks to the hurricane, i had a hurricane day on monday and the first day of school was postponed until tuesday... another gift. i was given another day to unpack, sleep and get organized before school started.

i had a wonderful first week of school with my students. what a great group i have... they are so adorable and sweet! :)

and to end the week, tim and i had our new furniture delivered... we LOVE it.  i felt old when we were looking at our furniture... i have had "kid" furniture for thirty years... and didn't realize what it felt like to have grown up furniture!

we picked up sasha last night from my parents house so now our family is back together... for the first time since july 26th!
as far as eating goes... it has been a nightmare. not going to lie. tim and i went to the store yesterday and bought healthy foods only for next week. i will weigh in on monday... and hopefully (fingers crossed) get myself back on the band wagon. so thankful for getting a routine back in my life!

Leaving you with some pictures of our new home. we love it and are looking forward to making new and wonderful memories. 

our new living room.
master bedroom.
(this room makes me feel like a grown up!)
morning room. 
(i love those love birds!)
guest room
(come on over and visit!)
Sasha's room. 
(she is so spoiled... how many cats do you know have their own room!)
Tim's first grill job!
speaking of wonderful memories... we had VERY exciting news happen in our family this past week... Dan and Amanda are expecting TWINS in the beginning of march. i can't even begin to explain how happy and excited i am to have TWO babies to hold and love in our family! 


  1. Congratulations Theresa! The house is beautiful. Are you close to your mom?

  2. Thank you Mrs. Rote! I am about 13 minutes from Mom and Dad... It would be impossible for me to move far away from them! :)


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