Thursday, September 29, 2011

a crumb.

i love when i get close to the bottom of a bag of chips or box of crackers. there is something special about those crumbs sitting at the bottom... they have been in the bag for the longest soaking in the flavors of their friends that sat above them.
some people choose to just trash these delicious crumbs... but i choose to embrace them. i pour them into a snack bag and finish them off... or i pour them onto a plate, lick my finger and dab away at them.  this seems to be the cleanest method... as the crumbs that tend to miss my mouth get caught on the plate and not on my clothes or even worse... the floor!

and the "best tasting crumbs at the bottom of a bag" award goes to...

Thank goodness those are gone... moving on to healthier and better things... 

What crumb would you give the award to?

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