Monday, September 5, 2011

a little get together.

labor day weekend has come to an end. and so has my eating fest. i ate every day this weekend like it was my last meal. true story. 

we ended our weekend with our very FIRST get together as a married couple. tim and i never had much company in our apartment. it was very small... and tim thought it would be hard to make people feel comfortable in such a tight place. so we were excited to invite my parents and our friends over for a little barbecue.
tim grilled steaks and vegetables and he added a homemade potato salad on the side. we also had some juicy corn to go with it! (which i boiled and made!!! woot! woot!!) 
and for dessert, my friend jackie made an ice cream cake... decorated with reese's cups, cookies and sprinkles. it was amazing.
time to share my weigh-in news. it is rough...but not surprising. the number i am about to share is the number that i usually need to see to make me realize that i need to stop eating what i have been eating. the new number is 160.8...that is an 18.2 pound gain since may. back to counting calories tomorrow. back to making smarter choices. back on the road to lose twenty again... 

because i ALWAYS have twenty pounds to go...

next weigh-in: Monday, September 12th.

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