Sunday, September 4, 2011

the "ewwww" point.

i am at that point where i have gained at least fifteen pounds in about three months. i have only one pair of shorts that fit me comfortably. and a couple tops... i am at my "ewwww " point.

things that make me go "ewwww!"

this is the point when i try on all my clothes and nothing looks good over these hips. this is the point when  my clothes begin to get disorganized because i am trying on ten different outfits and tossing them on the bed and floor.
 this is the point when i notice that i have gained weight and i assume that EVERYONE around me notices and thinks it too. this is the point when i look at myself in the mirror and go "ewwww!"

usually when i get to this point, it kicks me into gear to start getting focused on eating healthy again. i HATE that i need to get to my "ewwww" point before i start eating healthy... why can't  i just learn to maintain and never get to this point.

it's a learning process... and a very frustrating one at that!

do you have an "ewwww" point? and how do you handle it?

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