Monday, September 26, 2011

step away from the dorito bag.

today i walked in the door famished from the school day. we had some doritos leftover from our little football party we had yesterday during the Eagles game. i thought about those doritos the whole car ride home.

i couldn't wait to grab the bag from the closet. i couldn't wait to pull out a cheesy chip. and i couldn't wait to eat it. and i loved every crunch.

(woo hooo for bananas in the background!)

we have a lot of "JUNK" in our snack closet. i am not sure how it happened but it did. i need to get rid of all junk food... and in my head, what better way to get rid of it, than to EAT IT! yikes.

weighed in this morning. new number is 156.6. i'll take it! it's a starting point!


  1. thank you! this just made my night kylene! I plan on it! :)


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