Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

I've been slacking on blog posting simply because i have been super overwhelmed with grad school. i don't know what i was thinking this semester balancing three grad courses and a baby. seriously. but the good news is statistics was a 4 week intense class. and my ethics class was an 8 week long accelerated course... so that means this time next week, i will be down to only ONE grad course!! but let me tell you, the last eight weeks of my life have been HORRIBLE. just ask tim. or my mom. or landon. or even my cat.

even though i have been highly stressed, i have still managed to lose weight this week. the new number is 172.6. that puts me down 2 pounds this week and 20.4 pounds total since the new year! i have earned my 20 pound reward! a manicure!

i am going to be honest about this weeks weight loss... i had a massive stomach bug on sunday night/monday. and i just started to eat some light food last night. i'm pretty sure "the bug" probably helped contribute to my weight loss this week.

and i'll end today's post with an update on our little guy. he is NINE months today. and honestly, in the past month, he has developed a little personality. he is becoming more determined which has caused him to start doing the old army crawl. he is getting faster and faster every day. he lights up a room. literally... he has learned to turn off and on the light switches! and he smiles ALL the time. just saying a word to him brings a huge smile to his face. tim and i are absolutely adoring him and enjoying every second with him.
Happy NINE months Landon Robert!!


  1. 172! 1.6 lbs last week & 18 overall!

    how is tim doing?

    1. woo hooooo!! Tim lost twelve pounds so far!! he seriously just had to cut out soda out of his diet and lost weight.

  2. Even with the bug... great job!

    He's such a cutie pie.

    1. thank you!!! hope all is well with you!! :)


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