Sunday, March 17, 2013

a ruined weekend.

this weekend was a rough one. we had a small get together with friends last night. and of course i ate my face off. chips and dip. pasta in a heavy cream sauce. homemade garlic bread. cookies. cadbury mini eggs. jelly beans. and more.

today we had a retirement party to attend. and of course they had appetizers galore! i ate cheesesteak bites. crab cakes. cupcakes. chicken wrapped in bacon. hummus on a pita. and i ended the night with more cadbury mini eggs. it was a mess.

it took all my might to do the shred tonight. i kept thinking "i am ruining my whole diet plan. i ate THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS worth of calories this weekend." the shred is going to do NOTHING for me if i keep eating the way i do. but, i decided to push through and do it... and i will give you the honest reason why......
i wanted to check off the day on my "shred chart." the chart is on my fridge. i put it there for a reason. the reason stick to it. don't give up. complete ALL thirty days. (oh. and i am obsessed with using post-its... that could be the REAL reason why i did the shred tonight. to use a post-it.)

so day 4 of the shred is done. i felt gross doing it tonight and a little more miserable than usual knowing that i ate my face off this weekend. but it is done. and i am back to eating my normal way tomorrow.

have you ever felt miserable after falling off your healthy eating plan? i know i do... but i keep thinking this whole weight loss thing is a process and of course... tomorrow is a new day!! :)


  1. Don't beat yourself up! It happens! Whenever I have a binge fest I will eat as clean as possible for a few days, drink lots of water to flush out the bloat, stay away from the scale for a few days. Keep doing what you are doing and everything will work out!

    1. i always have a hard time jumping back on the band wagon after a binge fest... it is so hard to get focused again!! then the downward spiral of eating unhealthy starts... hoping to bounce back though!

      ps. your pictures are fantastic!! you look GREAT!!

  2. ugh. i have been feeling like that a lot lately! I keep saying i'm going to start eating healthy again tomorrow. and then i slip up, so i say screw it...i will really start eating healthy again TOMORROW so then i make even more bad choices the rest of the day. it is a viscous cycle. It's a mentality i'm trying to break. One bump in the road shouldn't throw me off the cliff! It is hard to break the cycle... your chart is a great way to stay on the good bandwagon at least! I thought about joining your shred challenge, but I haven't found a way to work a half hour workout into my schedule yet. Maybe in a few more weeks?? :) you're almost at a whole week - keep it up!

    1. it is such a cycle!! i do good all week and then destroy myself on the weekends!! ugh.

      it is so hard to squeeze thirty minutes in the schedule. today i shreded with landon whining at my feet!! :)


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