Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

still here and refuse to miss a weigh-in even if i do have a rough week... i am on Day 8 of the Shred.  i am hoping to pick it back up the monday after easter. i have been a bit off the band wagon lately. not sure why. i am wondering if it has to do with the weight gain last week and maybe in my mind i wanted to give up on this weight loss thing.

i know these are all normal feelings in a weight loss journey. which is why i will continue to blog and weigh-in. bathing suit season is right around the corner... :)

speaking of bathing suit season, landon had his first swim class at the pool yesterday. he seemed to enjoy it! however, the little stinker has had a rough day today. started it at 4:30 this morning and has been screaming and crying ever since. clingy. miserable. clear runny nose and can't keep his fingers out of his mouth...TEETH!!! i have tried everything to help him but nothing works. any suggestions other than teething tablets, motrin, frozen wash clothes, mesh teethers, teething rings, sophie, and a gum massage... i am DESPERATE!!

173.6 this morning. maintenance. i'll take it.

how did you do this week? have you ever been in a weight loss funk?

Next weigh-in: Wednesday, April 3rd

1 comment:

  1. 166 - down a pound and 24 overall - am really happy with how i look and feel and fit in clothes.

    i'm gonna work more on maintaining and toning than losing over the next month or so.

    YOU CAN DO IT! you HAVE done it!


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