Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

i should be back to blogging more than once a week... because i am finished TWO grad courses for the spring semester! woot! woot!!! i just wrapped up the last one on monday night. and it feels amazing... almost like the feeling i got when i stepped on the scale this morning. 170.8. that is a weight loss of 1.8 pounds this week. and a total of 22.2 pounds since the new year.

it feels good to say that i am only about fourteen pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. and not almost forty pounds away!! i kept saying in my mind that i would start exercising when i got in the 160's... well they are so close! i can't believe how excited i am to see the 160's!

i stopped counting calories about two weeks ago. i know i shouldn't have, but eating only 1200 calories a day was killing me. i now know how many calories are in certain snacks. and i am just trying to pick healthy choices and eat smaller portion sizes.

i have also always allowed myself even when i started back in january a food that i LOVE every day. this week it has been a scoop of chocolate ice cream. but for the past couple of months it has been the OREO cookie... my FAVORITE.

next weigh in: Wednesday, March 20th.

how did you do this week?

do you have a favorite treat you love to eat? obviously mine is chocolate!! :)


  1. Last week was 172 and this week is 168.8!

    Total of 21.2 lbs!

    i can't eat chocolate - OH THE HORROR - but i haven't had it since i was 5 so it's seriously not a big deal.

    i make cookies with fitzy - every day i have one as part of a snack.

  2. ahhhhh! you are in the 160's!!! i am seriously super proud of you!! you were in the 190s not in even three months ago!!

    i bet if i didn't do chocolate, i would be in the 160s by now too!! hahaha! i NEED it every day whether it come in solid or liquid form. :)


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