Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

just completed Day 7 of the Shred. it was miserable and i was cursing jillian the whole time. no doubt that i feel stronger... i last pretty much through the whole thing with just a couple "five second" breaks. for those of you who do jillian, you know what i mean. that is all she allows you to break for.

weighed in this morning. 173.4. that is a gain of 2.6 pounds. puts me down 19.6 pounds since the new year. it is a good amount gained in a week especially since i saw 169 on thursday. but i had a rough weekend and i started the shred at the same time. i always gain weight when i start exercising. maybe it is because i am more hungry. maybe it is because i think i can eat more since i am exercising. or maybe it because of the old saying "muscle weighs more than fat."

to be honest, i definitely haven't gone out of control with eating since the weekend. i have had a few things i shouldn't have eaten... like a six chicken wings. but i could have had TWELVE!

i was going to update my inches lost but figured i would wait until day 10 of the Shred... when i am finished Level 1. i will be adding more progress pictures along with the updated stats.

and i will finish this update with a few landon pictures. he is working SO hard at trying to pull himself up on things. he gets frustrated but this doesn't stop him. it requires a lot of muscle to pull up 23 pounds of weight!! once he is up (with a little help from me) he loves standing! he stood in his pack and play for over ten minutes today... and LOVED it.
next weigh-in- Wednesday, March 27th.

how did you do this week?! do you gain or lose weight when you start to exercise?

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  1. tuesdays are my weigh in days - so yesterday i was 167 - which is down 1.8 for the week with a total of 23 lbs!

    7 lbs from my goal - BUT i've decided that unless i do something to tone this body up - it's all for naught - so i started with 1/2 hour of light strengthening yesterday and again today - i'll do it 3 days a week and took measurements too.

    my sister sent me a picture of her at 241 - which is 2 lbs heavier than i was with fitzy on the day i gave birth! she looks FANTASTIC. but when i took the same picture (bra and underwear) you couldn't tell at all that she has 70 lbs on me. and i was like - AHHHH! i'm too gooey! stupid aging ;) her goal is to lose 145 in a year! she's SO CLOSE!

    ps - your pictures look GREAT! you can really tell the difference!

    pps - how is tim doing?


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