Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Weekend Down

Two weeks down... Seven weeks to go... had a great weekend... tim was away at his bachelor party... i was nannying my girls. i love when i am back with the means summer. This is my sixth summer with them and we have made such great memories!

i ate okay. on friday, i had two glasses of wine and ice cream with jimmies from dairy queen after dinner. i ate great on saturday... but today i had a slice and half of pizza, Weight Watcher Ice cream bar, and circus peanuts... went a little over my calorie count. but i did go for a mile walk this afternoon which felt fantastic.

i earned my manicure... i will be getting it tomorrow after my faculty meeting. my next goal is to be under 140 pounds... I will buy myself a new sundress to have for my honeymoon when i get under the 140 mark!

official weigh day tomorrow. i can't believe it is june 7th already! yikes! shouldn't of eaten those circus peanuts!

48 more days until i marry tim. I CAN'T WAIT!

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