Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Update

New number is 142.0...a little frustrated... but i need to push on through... i guess i am frustrated because i have been watching EVERYTHING i put in my mouth... while everyone else around me eats chicken wings. i eat salad. while everyone else eats chips, pizza, cupcakes. I eat veggies, hummus, and bean dip. one thing i started to do last week was toning my arms and stomach. i am using hand weights and doing reps of 30 in all different ways... i am also starting to do crunches and super mans and other toning stretches.

i am not sure if i like the old saying that muscle weighs more then fat and that is why i gained 1.5 pounds but i really have no other reason why... so i may use that as an excuse over the next couple of weeks...

I am starting to run today. yes. after weeks of walking in the heat... I am ready to start my running workout. twice a day. three miles each. six miles daily. guessing i will put weight on with adding muscle in my legs (there I go again with the excuse)but i keep getting super jealous when i see these runners out and about sweating and getting a FANTASTIC workout. i am ready. 33 days left to tone this body and get it in the best shape of my life. 12 pounds to go to get to that point.

still waiting for that manicure (FINGERS CROSSED FOR THIS WEEK!) and buying some sundresses for the honeymoon!

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