Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Oh Boy! I haven't blogged in a while... life is getting so busy with the end of the school year winding down. eating has been going good. i ate way over my calories yesterday but it was good eating. for example. i ate lettuce wraps for lunch instead of french fries and chicken wings. i ate grilled chicken on the barbie at the outback instead of the bloomin onion and a delicious bowl of potato soup. not under 140 yet.. hoping this will be the week to see it... new number is 140.5

New Goals:
Under 140 pounds gets me a manicure

For every pound I lose under 140 I am going to buy myself a sundress for the honeymoon. so if i hit the 130 mark... that is nine sundresses!

still wearing those silly banz... what a great reminder of the day!

I feel good. even though i have only lost about 2 pounds in two weeks, i feel like i have lost more!

looking forward to get the year over with... CAN'T WAIT! and Thursday will be the last day to get my butt out of bed and drive to oxford. then i can focus on a good workout schedule on the days off!

41 more days. 10.5 more pounds.

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