Thursday, June 24, 2010

Checking in

HI! I got all caught up on your blog - you're doing great.
140 lbs. WOW! I haven't seen that since MY wedding day. Congrats!
After all these months of watching what you eat, you've developed some very serious healthy eating habits that will last you a long time. Obviously, you see that eating healthy makes you look and feel great!

Well, I'm not losing as fast as you but I'm down 18 LBS since the start of the year and it's been pretty painless, I must say.
I'm much more comfortable in my body - my sleep apnea is much improved to the point where I can actually fall asleep without waking myself up snoring. My vegetarian diet allows me to eat lots of food without all the dense calories of meats and dairy. I really, really like eating this way. And my reflux disease is easier to manage when I'm not eating meat. Also, although I'm still a little short of breath when I exert myself (still too much weight) at least I'm not wheezing anymore.

I continue to drink my water - at least 8 glasses a day - and seriously limit sugar. If I really want someting sweet , I have fruit or juice most of the time. This is not to say we don't enjoy the occasional Rita's or a cookie, here & there.
Nonni and I are eating lots of soups (vegan)and we seldom eat heavy know, the 3 course meals. We're perfectly happy with a light meal and fruit for dessert.

We took a page out of your book! When we go out to eat, we have a dinner salad and a side of pasta or what ever looks interesting. Again, no need for 5 course meals while eating out. And it's nice to come home without feeling all bloated and uncomfortable. Nonni's not a vegetarian yet but she's may as well be - she eats meat only a few times a week, it seems.

OK. I think we're all caught up.


Love you.

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