Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Exercise

This has been a rough week with exercise... i only got to run on Monday... couldn't run on tuesday because we had no water to take a shower with afterwards... can't run today because i have a ton of errands to get done before the storm hits... can't run tomorrow because i won't be home to use the tredmill... let's just say i went from four days of working out a week to ONE! ugh.

Eating was okay... I did great with portion control...i ate what i wanted but portioned it out a little better. i didn't stress as much about what i was putting in my mouth like i have been doing...

i don't have the time to go to weight watchers tonight... so i am going to weigh myself on my home scale...the new number is 145.5!! I am shocked... exactly a month ago i was 11 pounds heavier... down 1.5 from last week. hoping to keep around 144 by the end of february...on the right track...

i missed reading your blogs this week! Glad to hear everything is going great with you! Keep visualizing! :-)

love you.

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