Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Craving Chocolate

I had a great day of eating and then i came home and was craving CHOCOLATE... I ate three mint chocolate covered cookies and a part of a dark chocolate candy bar... so good... and even now i am still thinking about chocolate... not enough. hmmm... i am debating on whether i should make myself some hot cocoa.

at this rate i will never meet my goal... i have conferences tomorrow and i will be meeting with 14 parents... i am thinking this could definitely be stress related. hoping to get this month of february over soon. very, very, soon...

on a happy note... i have a half day on friday! granted it is dentist related but it is a half day of work! woot! woot!!

Hope all is well!
love you!


  1. i understand the chocolate troubles!!! :) i get them plenty!! the sugar free hot chocolate helps me the most.
    i'm feeling you on the stress levels. too much stress = no weight loss. did you hear jillian on the biggest loser last week? it was like she heard us talking about it....she said that stress prevents weight-loss. it's biological...when the body is stressed, it holds on to fluids for dear life. i guess we've learned how true that really is!
    love you! keep up the good work :)

  2. totally heard that on biggest loser this week! it made me feel so much better... i think i will feel stressed until february is over... conferences next week, observation the following week... bring on spring!! love you!


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