Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Miracle

Well, this morning is weigh-in day. By some miracle I'm weighing a mere 200.5 pounds...down 9 lbs from where I started and down 1 1/2 lbs from last week.

There's something about a blizzard that makes one need to eat to survive. It's been a girl-scout cookie week, lots of heavy foods at home & at work. They've asked me to change my shift for this week (as the girl who works 9-5 is on vacation), my routine is totally messed up, only exercised 2X this week and what do I get? A 1 1/2 lb LOSS. Perhaps I'm dehydrated - haven't been drinking my water either. But, ya know what? I'm taking it!

Since the diet gods have seen fit to look the other way, I'm taking this opportunity to get back on my healthy living program this coming week starting today. I'm going shopping this morning for lots of good foods, fruit & veggies.

Blizzard, schmizzard! back on track today!


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