Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plodding along

HI. You're doing extremely well. Just the fact that you're still blogging and willing to get back on that horse is a very good thing.
I'm plodding along. Weight is coming off but slowly. I have to focus on the future and not how things are going right now.
As I go along, my appetite is decreasing and smaller amounts of food are doing me well.
My girlfriend at work has these 'nutrition' bars which are a fabulously delicious dessert to my healthy lunch. They taste delicious and with a cup of coffee totally eliminate hunger and cravings. In fact, they're called "Crave Busters"...sweetened with alcohol sugars (ex, mannitol, sorbitol) which the body doesn't recognize as regular sugar but which, in excessive amounts, make me very flatulent. So that forces me not to overindulge in those goodies.
I've decided to take only 1 day a week off from exercise and today is it. I've been very busy studying my trading stuff and anesthesia stuff, too.
One thing to staying good on a diet is *Keep Busy*! NO time for food half the time AND it burns calories.
All for today. Have a good one.

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