Sunday, February 7, 2010

The trend is your friend

HI! This morning I weighed in at a solid 202 - down 1/2 lb from last week, down 7.5 lbs since Jan 2. Still downtrending - still going in the right direction, albeit slowly. I think what's happening is that as I exercise and create more muscle (which weighs more than fat) I'm looking and feeling slimmer but the weight on the scale isn't reflecting all my hard work. No worries! I feel so much better, continue to sleep well, still have a lot of energy and I can get into my jeans more easily.
Anyway, the guys and girls at work notice and that's encouraging.
Since today is weigh in day, Nonni's going to make me some alio e olio with shrimp - one of my (many) favorites. I figure if I can have something scrumptious at least once a week, I can easily endure the limits I impose upon myself during the week. Sometimes, I'll take Nonni out to dinner (last week it was the Thornale Inn for steak).
At this rate I might be ale to lose 20 more lbs by July - I'll take it!! ANd once the weather improves, I can really start walking instead of indoor all the time.

Congrats on your progress. Report card time is over - back to the dream!


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