Thursday, January 2, 2014

sugar addiction

peppermint patties. snowcaps. reese pieces. pez. chocolate chip cookies. chocolate covered cherries... these are just a few of the items i had in my cabinet over the past week. the keyword in that last sentence being "had."

last night, tim and i fed our faces (okay, more me) with all the junk in the house to get rid of it all. we placed all the candy and cookies on the table and had a feast. it was the last HOO-RAH! i mean, it is IMPOSSIBLE to start counting calories when you have a cabinet full of junk.

this time around is going to be really hard. i seriously think i have an addiction to sweet stuff. i can't get enough of the chocolates, cookies, cakes, and candies. i have been eating it over the past month like there is no tomorrow. over christmas break, i had cookies for breakfast way more than i should have. but they went PERFECTLY with my cup of coffee!

this is why i need to cut out sugar the best i can. once i start eating it, i just can't stop!

i stepped on the scale on monday.... it was a tough number to see. still trying to figure out how i am going to do weigh-ins this year. i was thinking about doing "step on scale sundays." this may get me through the weekend and stay focused.

and of course i will end this post with a picture of landon. his little smile just melts my heart every time.

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