Sunday, January 5, 2014

Step on Scale Sunday

I mentioned that i stepped on the scale last Monday. i was seriously ready to see a number in the 200s by the way i was eating my face off for the past few months. it was a tough number to see, but i was pleasantly surprised to see it in the 180s.

let me explain why, you see... it was a hard thing to do, but i got rid of all maternity clothes in september. i bagged them all up and decided that i needed to go to the store and finally figure out what size i really was. i grabbed a TON of pants from the rack and started to try them on. i bought five new pairs of pants in two different sizes. 14 and 16. my jeans i purchased were a size 14. those jeans fit GREAT. i remember it feeling really weird wearing them AND remembering to put my fly up since i hadn't done that in almost two years!

fast forward to december. those jeans no longer fit right. they were tight. and actually started to fall down since they couldn't fit over my hips any more and they actually sat on my hips instead. and... well... i ended up digging for my maternity bag and pulling out my maternity jeans. they fit amazingly and i forgot how much i loved them! i really missed them. tim pretty much laughed at me when he noticed me wearing them again. it is time to retire them for good. the past few months have killed me with trying to balance work, grad school, mother, wife...

i am stepping it up to finish all the steps to become a healthier me. step one was stepping on the scale and acknowledging my weight gain. step two will be to take just a few minutes a day to focus on me.

the number is 186.0. here we go folks, welcome to always twenty pounds to go... 2014!!

next weigh-in: Sunday, January, 12th.

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  1. good luck T! you can do it!! Btw... I am on a hunt for fast and easy healthy recipes that work for adults as well as toddlers! I think I may start a blog with such recipes if I manage to find and make any... if you come across any such recipes on your journey, please let me know! :)


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