Wednesday, January 1, 2014


tim and i rang in 2014 with just the two of us this year. one of the many changes that occurred after having landon. after putting landon to bed, we enjoyed appetizers, a nice dinner, and of course dessert. we talked about our resolutions for the new year like many people do. and funny enough we have the same exact resolutions: living healthier and laundry. yes. laundry.

living healthier has always been my new year's resolution. i'm talking FOR YEARS. and i will of course be writing a blog post on that topic alone soon. but, laundry... this post will be about laundry.

boring. waste of time. other things i could be doing. annoying. pain in the neck... are just a few words that come to mind when i think of laundry. i hate it. i have hated it forever. if laundry only had two steps to it... i would be golden and would tolerate it like other tedious chores. but, it has four. and the last two steps are where i fail. and tim too. folding and putting the clothes away.

i am not much of a nagger with completing those last two steps since i am just as guilty as not wanting to do them. so laundry either:
a. stays in laundry baskets or
b. gets folded on the basement couch and stays there.
many times i feel ambitious and think, "i will finish all the laundry to the bitter end" and then the last load sits in the dryer for a day, then placed in a basket, and maybe folded on the couch. i make the excuse of it being difficult to carry the folded clothes in a heavy basket up two flights of steps. excuses, excuses......

i can NEVER finish the whole chore. and because of this, tim and i are constantly ironing or "fluffing" up clothes in the dryer to make them look presentable. we have decided to take on the laundry challenge this new year. we will try to do a load every other day instead of just weekly. we will complete the last two steps. especially the LAST step.

and of course, i will be connecting my laundry to my living healthier. the year is 365 days. not 90. or 180. 365. i am the champ at making it through the first few steps of my weight loss journey. but then i can never finish it. i can never complete the last steps. i am hoping this year i can follow through. complete the last step of being healthy and figuring out how to get there. i am the worst at starting out my journey strong and willing... but only to finish it weak and hungry.

here's to finishing things when i start them. here's to folding laundry. and putting everything away. here's to losing this weight. here's to 2014!!

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