Saturday, January 4, 2014


i have been trying to watch my food intake over the past few days. i have been trying to be aware of what i am eating. i have been trying to stay away from soda and sweets. i have been trying to have the will power to walk away from foods i love.

will power. ugh. i don't have it like i use to. or maybe i am just not as motivated as i was in the past. i have a friend who wrote a fantastic blog post on focusing more on herself as a resolution. Click HERE to read her post!

i feel that since Landon has been born, i have absolutely put myself on the back burner. i feel like he has to come first to everything. maybe it started with all the health concerns he had during his first year. maybe it continued when i became a "working" mom and definitely have the working mom guilt.  maybe it is just from being a mom. period.

maybe, i need to start putting a little more focus on me. whether it be to blog. or read. spend time with a friend. or even get a pedicure ( i haven't had one of those since APRIL!)... maybe if i spend a little time on myself a day, i will start to find the will power to eat healthier. maybe as i start to take care of myself more, i will find the will power to succeed more.

starting tomorrow i will begin stepping on the scale sunday. if you are interested in participating with me, let me know! it is always nice to have a friend or two to check in with!

and i will end this post with a picture of the two cutest bald babies in overalls i have ever seen!
what are ways that you are able to balance being a mom and taking some time out for yourself?

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