Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Blog?

one of my favorite things to do with tim is go into town. eat at a restaurant. and then walk around town to burn off some of those calories. (oh and people watch too!)

last night, we decided to try a new place in town. we ate at a indian/thai restaurant called Spice.
i am always a little skeptical of trying new foods. i am frightened of ordering something i hate... or even worse... liking tim's dinner better than mine! tim ordered an indian cuisine and i played it safe with a cashew chicken thai entree.
we also split garlic naan (an amazing indian garlic bread) there is a new indian restaurant on our resort in Mexico... tim wanted to expose me to the indian food so that i was ready next week!

shirt look familiar? this is my "going out to dinner" shirt!
after our dinner, i had to show tim my new favorite ice cream/frozen yogurt place... KIWI! we waked around town eating our tub of frozen yogurt and talked about our upcoming trip...
as i sit here blogging, i have about a zillion other things i can be doing... but i love to blog.

the other day, tim and i were discussing my blog... he use to have no part in it and maybe read it sometimes at work in his free time. but then he realized other people were reading and he started become much more interested. so interested that he now takes pictures for me to help with blog updates.

this blog started out as a weight loss blog but as months went on, i realized that losing weight goes hand in hand with my daily living. with my lifestyle. i will always have my monday weigh-ins but throughout the week, i like to keep it real. yes. i do eat out ALOT! yes. i do love sweets! yes. i do get stressed! and yes. i am trying to learn to balance out my diet... so i can balance out my life. this blog not only updates what i eat, but how i get to the point of what i eat.

speaking of what i eat, and how i get there... picnic today at the pool. life should never stop when i am counting calories. i am going to the pool and enjoying every second of it.

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