Thursday, July 7, 2011

blood, sweat, and frozen yogurt.

*warning. blood and feet are in this post.*

blood, sweat ...

i started out the morning with a six mile walk... i am realizing that i may be too old to walk. my feet are a real mess... i have run in these shoes for MILES... but i am having HUGE issues with walking in them...

blisters. i remember being in college and always having blisters on my feet after running long distances. i would try to cover them with band-aids. but that failed. i would neosporin' them up. but they never healed. and i am having the same problems with them now.

tim says i need new shoes. i disagree. i just think i need to keep working them in.
i knew working out is dangerous!
and frozen yogurt...

after my walk, i went to spend the day with the girls... and we found the best place ever for frozen yogurt.

you make your own sundae!
pick your flavor.
add your toppings.
and pay!
i enjoyed my peanut butter frozen yogurt. and i can't wait for my next one... which i am thinking... may come tomorrow!!

do you have a favorite frozen yogurt flavor?


  1. ew! and if you find a good cure for blisters, let me know. maybe its not just that you need new shoes, but a different brand? have you been to the west chester or downingtown running stores? maybe they'd have a good suggestion/solution?

    and more importantly, WHERE is this frozen yogurt place????? that looks awesome!

  2. i have been to the chester county running store! and they suggested these shoes for my feet! craziness!

    the frozen yogurt place is called Kiwi Yogurt! i went to the one in phoenixville... but rumor has it... there is one in west chester too!!


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