Saturday, July 16, 2011

21st birthday.

on thursday night, one of the last of our cousins turned 21...
so of course all of us older and wiser cousins took her out to celebrate. we went to three different restaurants... and the plan was to eat dinner at the last one we were stopping at... i didn't make it. i was STARVING... and ended up eating some chicken wings, a few broccoli bites and a mozzarella stick at the second restaurant.

we enjoyed each other's company and hung out for most of the night.
writing papers are what are in store for today. just finished making myself a peanut butter cup smoothie for lunch and now it is time to get focused.

there is something special about a new jar of peanut butter
hoping to update the blog as much as i can this week... but trying to take two grad classes in two weeks before a week vacation to mexico was ridiculous of me. lesson learned.

have a wonderful weekend!

I celebrated my 21st birthday going out for dinner with mom and dad! How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?

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