Friday, February 5, 2016

Recovering again.

i had NO clue what was coming after i delivered landon. i expected to come home and live my life like normal, but with a newborn. i thought i would make dinners every night. i thought i would be able to keep my house clean. i thought i would be able to go out and see friends with my first born son. boy was i ever wrong. you can read about my recovery with landon HERE!

this time around, i was ready. i KNEW what was coming. and thankfully the doctor and nurses knew how difficult my recovery was with landon and were also prepared to help me in any way.

when i was at the hospital, i was much more verbal about my pain. what hurt. what could i take and do to make it better. i was desperate to avoid surgery on those stinking (see what i did there :)) hemorrhoids again. they loaded me up with creams, sprays and prescriptions to help me recover.

when i came home i refused to do anything for TWO weeks. tim only had two days of paternity leave when landon was born, but with Nolan, he had two WEEKS! tim did everything. and i sat on the couch. laid in bed. did a little walking through the house here and there. but most importantly, i just took care of myself.

i drank lots of water. i ate really healthy. i took vitamins. i took everything the doctor gave me. i took a shower every day (and got right back in clean pajamas!), i washed my face, i did my hair, i focused on just me for two whole weeks.

i have been very blessed to have tim be so involved in taking care of us and the house. i am also so lucky to have my mom help out and keep up with my laundry and house cleaning. it really does take a team to help a mom recover from having a baby. i am feeling great. no pain. and almost completely recovered without surgery! and i wish every woman had the love and support that i have been given since Nolan has entered this world.

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