Monday, June 18, 2012

a rough recovery.

my first ten days of motherhood is nothing what i expected it to be.

i thought i would bring home my little baby and jump right into feeding, changing, burping. i thought i would have no problem doing laundry, keeping the house clean and organized. i thought i would be able to cater to visitors and drive around to visit people with my beautiful newborn baby. 

i thought maybe God would give me break on the recovery of having a baby since i had such a bumpy pregnancy and delivery. but not so much. 

when i left the hospital on June 8th, my doctor told me to do NOTHING for two weeks but breastfeed. no dishes. no laundry. no driving. no cooking. NOTHING. i kind of chuckled because i felt great on that friday. and i have seen many pregnant women out and about after delivering a baby. i thought the doctor just told me that as a precaution. boy was i wrong. i guess the doctor knew i had a lot of healing to do that i wasn't ready for.

even though i didn't tear... i still was stitched up for other reasons. and after pushing for four hours, i of course was reintroduced to hemorrhoids (click here to read about the first time i was introduced to hemorrhoids). those little pains in the butt. i thought i was in the clear after having surgery on them nine months pregnant. but i guess they couldn't handle the pushing and they came back rearing their ugly faces. i could barely move last week. i couldn't sit to hold and feed my baby. i couldn't stand to change my baby. i couldn't enjoy my first week with my baby. i lived in the bathtub. and as the days went on... they just got worse. so....

i had surgery. again. 8 days after delivering Landon, i was back at the surgeon. now i am on the road to recovery... i have been feeling better every day since the surgery. not 100% yet... but hoping to get there soon. 

even though i have been having a difficult time healing... i have been VERY BLESSED with a mom who has been here to help me with the baby. she stayed a few nights so i could rest and get better. i have also been VERY BLESSED with a supportive husband who had to jump into fatherhood quickly since his wife was stuck in bed. and finally i have been VERY BLESSED with a wonderful baby.  he is definitely worth all the pain i have been going through... just look at that beautiful face!


  1. I'm glad you are finally starting to feel better! Congrats on your little guy, he's adorable!

  2. Thank you so much! Congratulations on 30 pounds!! You are my motivation to get rid of this baby weight! :)


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