Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Baby is Born

i thought i would take some time and write my newest birth story. landon's story can be seen here if you are interested in reading about his!

we were told to call at 7:30 in the morning on the 18th of January to get a time to come into the hospital. i anxiously made the phone call and they told us they would see us in an hour. tim, landon and i quickly showered, dressed, and got ourselves in the car within thirty minutes. we dropped landon off at my mom's and tim and i took off to the hospital.

we were registered and checked in by 10:30. at 11:00, the nurse started the induction with the cervidil. we would wait twelve hours and see what happens. i cringed when she said that. i have done this before with landon and it brought back awful memories. around 1, my doctor came to check on me. she checked me and told me my cervix was thick and closed... not even close to dilating yet. my heart sank, and she inserted the cervidil again.

at 2:00, i started to feel some back pain and was a little sick. by 2:30, i started having contractions every minute in my lower back. it was terrible. it was contraction after contraction with no break. tim and my mom took turns pushing on my lower back to help relieve the pain. these contractions continued every minute until 6:00 when my doctor came back. she realized the pain i was in, took out the cervidil and  immediately called for the epidural. i was three centimeters! she squeezed the IV in me as quick as she could with a blood pressure cuff so i could get the epidural quickly. at 7:00 i was given the epidural and it was amazing.

i was contracting on my own after the epidural and by 8:00, i was six centimeters. things kind of slowed down there. we were waiting for my water to break on its own with my contractions. at 11:30, i was checked again and was still six centimeters.  i was so upset. no progress in 3.5 hours!

the doctor came in and broke my water and got things moving again. by 1:00, i was ten centimeters! the nurse and doctor knew my history of pushing for four hours with landon and they wanted the baby to get lower and to hold off on pushing right away. they cut the epidural at 1:15 and i cried through the pain (because i am a crier) until 2:00. at 2:15 i started pushing and our little baby was born at 2:44 in the morning on January 19th.

 tim and i were full of tears when we realized it was a BOY!
 landon had a little brother. 

Nolan James Odgers was born on January 19th at 2:44 AM weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and 18.5 inches long. we are so blessed to have another son.

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