Saturday, February 6, 2016

Big Brother

i didn't know how the transition to two kids was going to be. tim and i have so much love for landon, and we seriously didn't know how bringing a new person into our home was going to fit. 

we probably did things a little backwards with landon. when i found out i was pregnant, i didn't want him to know about a baby right away. i wanted to tell him when it got closer. i wanted to tell him after we transitioned him out of the crib. i didn't want to make a big deal about this baby coming into his life. i wanted to keep everything as chill and calm as i could.

i wasn't sure how and when to tell him. i was thinking around christmas time. maybe thanksgiving. however, we got lucky and his babysitter told him while we were at a wedding. he came out of the blue one night around halloween and told me i had a baby in my belly. we sat him down and told him the baby wasn't coming for a while. we had to get through thanksgiving. christmas. and then the baby. 

every day he checked in on my belly and the baby. he asked every morning "how's the baby doing?" and my answer would be... it's getting bigger!! 

when landon came to meet the baby for the first time in the hospital, it was love at first sight. he took the baby in his arms and looked me in the eyes. he said, "thank you for this baby, mommy." my hormonal self teared up, gave him a squeeze and said "you're so very welcome!"

we made it almost three weeks, and landon is still in love. he is so gentle. kisses his head and feet (mostly because, landon has been sick and we want him no where near his face!) watches me give him a bath. doesn't mind when he is screaming and crying. nolan fits in perfectly. its like he has been here the whole time. i keep wondering if the novelty will wear off for landon. and it might. but for now, i'm really trying to cherish these memories with my two little boys. brothers.


  1. OH T I am so excited to be catching up with the new baby news on the blog! Glad to hear it was so much different this time around and that Landon transitioned well too! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first so I'm loving reading someone else story! I haven't told coach mike but I'm sure he has heard from someone LOL!

  2. Hey Sarah Mac!! Congratulations! You will have to let me know when the baby arrives! Such an exciting time... i promise! Hope all is well with you. :)


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