Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday- Week Five.

i made it through the month of january. this morning the scale said 177.0. that is a 1.2 weight loss from last week. it makes for a total of sixteen pounds in five weeks. i am so happy with the weight i have loss so far! i can't really tell i have lost sixteen pounds... my mom said it may not be noticeable until i lose twenty pounds. so only four more pounds to go until i get to that point!

i have a couple "mini" goals for the month of february. i would like to be 170 by March 1st. that is a loss of seven pounds in a month! i am also planning on doing a little exercise. i am thinking about working out just one day a week during the month of february and blog about it on "sweating it saturdays" to tell you about what i chose to do and my experience with doing it.

i am dreading exercise. DREADING it. so i thought easing myself into it just one day a week will be my best bet.

and i will end this post on a delicious dinner tim made for us on sunday night. pork, sauerkraut, and sweet potatoes. it hit the spot on super bowl sunday.
oh. and i am off to ulta to buy my favorite item for my fifteen pound loss! tune in tomorrow to see my purchase! Interested in checking out my reward list... CLICK HERE!

Next Weigh-In: Wednesday, February 13th.


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