Thursday, February 7, 2013

to the left... to the left...

i have used beyonce's song "to the left" many times in my life. i sang it to teach decimals... breaking out beyonce in the middle of math class to middle schoolers really gets attention.  i have used it when i have directed someone to turn left in the car... tim got annoyed, so i had to stop. i have used it pretty much anytime i felt the need to add a little excitement in my life when things "go to left."

landon's torticollis is pretty severe. i haven't mentioned much about it on my blog... well just that it can be SUPER annoying and a it is a very long process. 

when landon was born he only turned his head to the right. he never turned "to the left." i am learning stretches and massages to help loosen the tight muscle on the left hand side of his neck. i also have been taught how to keep him aware of his whole body... not just the right side that he prefers to use... i mean torticollis even affected his tongue. the little guy would always stick his tongue out... to the right! i had to jump on it because of eating and speech concerns. it has come a long way and he is now getting much better at getting that little tongue midline. but "to the left" was sung A LOT every time i was moving his tongue. 

we hit a huge milestone that most parents may think is RIDICULOUS. unless you have a child with torticollis. landon slept with his head "to the left" for the very first time a couple nights ago. he always sleeps with head to the right (hence, the flat spot and helmet). tim and i both got super excited and tears may have even welled up in eyes... mine more than his! (must be a mom thing.)
SING WITH ME!! "To the left, to the left, Landon slept with his head to the left.... MMMMMM!" 


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