Sunday, December 30, 2012


I have had quite a few interests in joining me on my weight loss journey... i have been brainstorming ideas on ways that will motivate me to lose weight. in the past, i always had a goal. one year, it was the Broad Street run. another year, it was my wedding day. and another year, it was my brother's wedding. i have nothing "big" to motivate me this year, so i had to come up with a plan. tim and i brainstormed ideas at each 5 pound benchmark.

let me explain our plan... we came up with an ultimate weight loss goal and then came up with something big we both want... and then for every five pounds we lose getting to that point, we will be rewarded with something not food related.

5 pounds- a yankee candle
10 pounds- eye brows waxed
15 pounds- purchase a favorite item at ULTA
20 pounds- a manicure
25 pounds- a pedicure
30 pounds- a new outfit
35 pounds- a night away with Tim at a hotel
40 pounds- a new outfit
45 pounds- a full body massage
50 pounds- a weekend away with Tim

i would like to lose fifty pounds... ugh. that feels like a ton. but this journey will go until the end of June. yep. you heard right, this is not 8 weeks. or 12 weeks. this is 6 months. i will be blogging daily to keep everyone up to date on the progress of this journey.

if you are interested in joining with me, brainstorm some things that you would like to work towards. i was lucky to get some gift cards to put towards some of those things on the list so it shouldn't cost too much money for everything. maybe you want a book, or a night out at the movies, or how about a song to download on itunes or a video game.

i am still trying to figure out the best way to start losing weight... i have done slim fast, weight watchers, and just counting calories in the past... i am sure i will be picking one of those methods but still not set on one yet. i will let everyone know my plan before the new year. good luck with your brainstorming and have a wonderful sunday!
(I caught him playing with the wipes and this is the face i got!)


  1. my sister has lost 111 lbs on nutrisystem - she is gonna write out a plan for me based on that.

    her ultimate goal is 215 pounds! CRAZINESS!

    so i'm gonna follow that and cut out soda and crap food.

    right now i am 190 lbs. my goal is 160 lbs. so 30 lbs. by my birthday - may 26th.

    1. i'm right with you... i about 195!! i would be VERY happy at 160!! Good luck with your plan!! keep me updated on your progress!! :)


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