Tuesday, February 5, 2013

coffee is magic.

i have been drinking coffee since i turned the ripe old age of 21. i remember my first cup. i was sitting in lower manser at mansfield university. i remember taking the first sip and gagging. and then i added sugar. and more sugar. and more sugar. until it was so sweet, i barely even tasted the coffee.

i have matured and realized i needed to start taking it a little easy on the sugar. i especially realized this when i went to a party and a stranger watched me add sugar and asked if i wanted coffee to go with my sugar. i was a little embarrassed.

i now have perfected the cup of coffee. it has just the right amount of sugar that i no longer get funny stares. and enough cream to make it a tan color instead of black.

but the reason for this blog post is to not tell you how i make the perfect cup of coffee. it is to tell you that coffee is seriously magic. let me explain...

(DISCLAIMER: i know i am very blessed to have a baby sleep through the night, so i am in no way complaining in this blog post.)

landon has always been a good sleeper. he use to go down around 7 and wake up around 7... sometimes 8!! it was wonderful. but something happened over the past three months. he still goes down around 7-7:30... but wakes up anywhere between 4:30-6. this is early. and i feel like dying some mornings. i live for the morning nap... LIVE FOR IT! i will lay on the floor with a pillow and blanket and "rest my eyes" as he plays with his toys around me. every once in a while i will feel his hand grab at my hair. or at my face (this is usually when i realize it is time to cut his finger nails.)

now many of you are probably thinking... drink a cup of joe. but the thing is coffee is magic. if i drink that said cup of joe... i won't get to enjoy our morning nap. i can feel the coffee go through my body after the first sip. i would rather feel utterly exhausted for a couple hours and get a solid morning nap in than drink that magical cup of coffee and be up for the day at 4:30...

after the morning nap... i still feel like death. landon chooses the length of our nap and he usually decides for us to sleep about an hour. sometimes a little less. sometimes a little more. if i had the control of our morning nap, we would sleep until noon.

after i pick up my smiley little guy up from his morning nap... we head straight to the coffee machine. i take my first sip... and magic. i go from feeling like death to feeling like i could run a marathon in only ten minutes. M-A-G-I-C!  i am ready for the day and everything is has to offer.
how do you fix your coffee in the morning?

does coffee have a "magical" affect on you?

do/did you have an "early riser?" I'll take ANY suggestions to help him sleep later!! :)


  1. fitzy has slept through the night twice. he will be two in april.

    it takes an hour and a half to get him to go to sleep. so he falls asleep at 930 or 10 and wakes up at 130 and 330 to 430 and 630 and is usually up for the day. sometimes he will sleep till 8 - but not very often.

    i can't do coffee - so i just run on prayers.

    can you put him to bed later?

    1. you are in total survival mode. i don't know how you are doing it other than the through the grace of God. i am so cranky being up at 5... i couldn't imagine being up ALL night.

      i'll be praying for a sleeping baby for you... and if that doesn't happen, i'll be praying for a rested mom.


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