Thursday, January 10, 2013

a stroller success!

back in december, i made a list of small rewards i would receive for every five pounds i lost... hard to believe, but after the first week, i already earned my first one! i love candles... they really make a home feel and smell more... well... homey. last night, i went to bed, bath, and beyond and smelled about twenty candles until i came across the one...
this morning, i woke up excited to get together with another new mom. landon and i have been staying in a lot because of the chilly weather (and i am "THAT" mom who is PETRIFIED of taking him out in public places right now because of the flu)... so the idea of getting together with a friend and enjoying an afternoon together was just what i needed!

we caught up on life as new moms and i ate my favorite salad from saladworks... the greek salad! afterwards, my friend came up with the idea to take our little ones on a stroller ride. i was looking forward to getting some exercise, but at the same time, knew landon's track record in the stroller.

since he was born, he was a disaster in the stroller. he would scream. and cry. i remember tim and i taking him out in the summer, and the poor guy screamed the whole time as people watched us walk our new baby. i went out on a few walks with friends and their babies. i would watch as their little ones either played with toys calmly or fell asleep as my baby started to melt down. our last stroller ride was november 12th and i swore to myself i was DONE taking him out for rides.

but, i decided to give it another shot... and it was an absolute success. for the VERY FIRST TIME, since he was born... he fell asleep on a stroller ride...
just like MOST babies do.
(beautiful, precious, sleeping babies)

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