Sunday, January 13, 2013

Before Landon.

i realized that having a baby in my life has made it a little easier to eat healthy for one major reason.
tim and i don't have the time to eat out all the time like we used to.

on friday night we ordered a medium pizza... i kept within my calories eating only two slices. we then reheated the leftover pizza for saturday night and i ate only one slice but finished off the evening with one of my favorite drinks... birthday cake martini! back in the day, BL (before landon), tim and i would eat out friday and saturday night.... and sunday. and monday. and tuesday...........

tonight, we enjoyed a nice big salad full of veggies and tim measured out a homemade balsamic vinaigrette to mix in... i added some tuna fish to mine and the whole salad ended up being about 350 calories.
hoping to kick off the week on a great note... looking forward to hitting the two week mark of eating healthy... i always feel if i can stay focused for two weeks, counting calories always gets much easier.

Do you find it difficult to eat healthy when you eat out?

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