Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday.

i completed my first week of operation lose baby weight. and the new number is 185.4... that is a 7.6 drop from last wednesday... jeepers creepers. i am excited about the loss but at the same time, i saw 185 over the summer and i am really determined to get in those 170s...

who would have thought i would be happy to see 170s! i figured i would start exercising once i hit 179... hopefully i will get there in just a couple of weeks. i think i am starting to develop a plan but it is not quite final yet... but as of right now, i am counting squats (for picking up Landon), stairs (for running up and down three flights of stairs a day), and cardio ( for dancing with Landon)...

Tim and i split a plate of shrimp the other night for dinner... he cooked them in beer and old bay seasoning... they were really good!!!
speaking of tim... he lost a total of 3.6 pounds this week... it really has been nice having him on board with me.

Next weigh-in: Wednesday, January 16th.

how did you do this week? who is helping you stay focused on weight loss?


  1. THAT IS INSANE. I'm from 190 to 187 in a week - my goal is 160.

    1. woo hooooo!! i always tend to drop holiday weight fast... i am sure it will be a typical weight loss of 1-3 pounds a week from here on out...:)


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