Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a surprise.

on saturday, i had my very first surprise party! and everyone totally got me! smart move to throw a surprise party a month and a half after the big day. i was completely off guard.
the party was held at my parent's house... mom invited me over for some steaks on the grill and to make sure that tim and i got our wedding cake to celebrate our 1 year anniversary... it was super hot so i wore my most hideous dress and threw my hair up in a sweaty bun. no shower and hardly any make-up. i mean, i only thought we would be hanging at my parent's house for dinner.

i walked in the door, and HOLY MOLY! people, decorations and screams of "SURPRISE!" woo hooo! i got my surprise party!!

it was wonderful spending the day with friends and family especially because i wasn't expecting to see everyone.

however, due to having TWO surprises parties this weekend (Click here to see the other one), i ate my face off and the scale shows it. tim won the weigh in since i gained over a pound in three weeks. how can you not gain weight after eating cake three days in a row! yikes!
weigh in: 151.2 (UGH.)... i have gained ten pounds in two months.
Next weigh-in: Monday, August 1st.

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