Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy birthday amanda!

yesterday we celebrated amanda's 24th birthday...
i am going to throw in a little commercial here. my brother, dan and sister-in-law, amanda own pizza places around chester county... Little Anthony's in Honey Brook and Venice Pizza in Frazer... i HIGHLY recommend you stop by one of their restaurants...i bet if you mention that you read my blog, they would make you one of my favorites that i eat there EVERYTIME i go... a veggie wrap! their food is amazing... and to be honest, it is always difficult to order a veggie wrap when all i smell is pizza, cheese steaks and french fries!
since they are in the pizza business, their schedules are much different than the rest of the family... how many surprise parties have you gone to that begin at 11... AT NIGHT! stromboli, chicken wings, and chips were served around 11:30... and the cake... that was cut around midnight!
icing is my favorite!
we finished off the celebration playing a new trivia game i have never heard of... smart ass! the winners were the only three players that were 30 and over... boy were we showing our age.
speaking of smart do you know when someone is a smart ass?....

they can sit on an ice cream cone and tell you what flavor it is!! HA!

happy birthday amanda!

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