Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mexico. Part Uno.

i had full intentions to blog while on my trip in mexico with tim's ipad. but what i didn't realize was the pictures i took would not be able to upload...

so i thought i would just summarize my trip over the next few days... and then do a weigh-in on monday to show how much i enjoyed my vacation.

tim and i arrived on the resort around 11:30. it was pouring rain but we didn't care. we wanted that moment to last forever. the moment when you start your vacation. the moment when you have a full seven days ahead of you to sit back and enjoy. we enjoyed the cool washcloth and champagne that greeted us at the door... and headed down the lobby steps to order a drink and cheers to our "first day" of vacation.

we both ordered a banana mama... and then maybe another...
we were not able to check into our room until 3... so eating and drinking is what we did until that time. we were greeted in our room with an anniversary celebration from the wonderful staff.
for dinner, we chose to eat at the italian restaurant. i had an awesome avocado salad. and for dessert... tiramisu!
pay close attention to every post of me being updated throughout the next couple of days... you can totally see me getting heavier and heavier... i tend to go a little over board with all inclusive... i couldn't control myself!

have you been to "all inclusive" resorts?

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