Friday, May 6, 2011

five days in a row.

it has been a few days since i have blogged... i have been super busy lately... i think it is because the weather has been getting nicer and the days have been getting longer... and i feel more up to going out with friends and family after a long day with my kids at school.

and because of this...

i have gone out to eat for five days in a row. not sure how it happened... but it did.

i have been trying to figure out how to attack a restaurant. one strategy i use is checking menus online... another one is to eat a healthy snack before i go into a restaurant so that i am not STARVING when i walk in...

i have been ordering myself a healthy meal on the menu and "cheating" with an appetizer to share with tim. tonight i ate buffalo chicken dip and chips.

last night i ate crab dip with guacamole and mango salsa with chips. it was out of this world!

going out to eat is one my favorite things to do with tim. and one of the hardest things i do with tim. i am getting really good at ordering healthy choices... but tim. well... he still orders french fries. it is so hard to watch him eat my favorite meal... i just wish he would jump on this band wagon with me... that would eliminate so much temptation.

so after eating dinner out all week, i decided to do an emergency weigh-in this afternoon... and the number is 143.8....

so far... so good.

have a wonderful weekend!

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