Tuesday, May 3, 2011

breakfast buffet.

this morning was teacher appreciation day at school. we were given a wonderful breakfast with pancakes, eggs, cakes and fruit.

i have been given myself little "tests" lately. could i handle a buffet breakfast without overdoing it?

with losing weight, one of the most important strategies i use is following a routine.

i know what i am eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

but a breakfast buffet... that would throw off my routine!

i want to start easing myself into these food situations... because in my life, i am put into these situations ALL THE TIME. i don't want to turn down food that other people have worked hard to prepare and make... i just want to learn how to eat in moderation. and chose healthier choices.

this morning i ate some eggs and fruit. made a cup of coffee. and then walked away.

it threw off my routine. but i am happy that i did it. it made me see that i can eat at a buffet...and succeed!

any other ideas on how to handle buffets?

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I have no advice on how to handle buffets. None at all! I still need routines and plans. Congrats on handling it well!


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