Saturday, May 7, 2011

the "full" effect.

the other night i went out to dinner with a good friend. we ate our appetizers and when we were finished, my friend sat back in the booth and said "i'm full."

"i'm full" this is a sentence i don't say often. i think the reason i can pack on twenty five pounds in no time is because i can honestly say that i do not get "full."

i was kind of jealous of her "full" feeling... we ate the same thing and i couldn't keep my mind off my grilled chicken panini coming to my table at any second. i couldn't wait to sink my teeth and savor that sandwich... i was no where near "full." i was still starving!!

i ate half of my sandwich. and i was still not "full." it took all my willpower to get the second half of it wrapped up so i could eat it for lunch the next day. because i was still starving!

i think this is why i have such a problem at parties... i never get "full" so i just keep stuffing my face. i never get an upset stomach. i never get a "i feel gross" feeling.

i read so many articles that say to pay attention to your hunger. if you're hungry, eat. if you are full, stop eating. well, if that was the case, i would never stop. i am always hungry!

maybe i don't know what it feels like... maybe i am missing it. and not paying attention to it. but "full" to me means that my stomach doesn't want more food, and there is no more room for it.

and let me tell you... there is ALWAYS room for more.

i think this is why i am on this constant weight gain/weight loss journey...


  1. I feel the same way! They say to eat oatmeal and fiber will keep you full, but if you don't have full signals (or ignore them), then this trick doesn't work at all. I guess we just have to stop when a "normal" person should be full.

  2. ellen! i am not sure where your comment went but i wanted to respond to it!

    i am so happy that i am not the only one that feels this way! it takes total willpower to stop eating... i wish i got full! :)


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