Sunday, March 13, 2011

60 Day Shred.

well. i haven't lifted a finger or even remotely did any kind of working out over the past 10 days. i have been eating carefully still. packing lunches. measuring my food and counting calories... i feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulder. before the wedding, all i cared about was losing weight. and losing weight fast. now, i feel like that stress has been lifted.

tim and i had a talk the other night at dinner. he made us delicious sloppy joes with grilled zuchini and onion as a side. i had one sandwich measured out. when i was finished, he said "have another one" i looked at him and said "tim, i can't eat like you." i want to eat like him but i know if i do, i put on it on my hips. and my back. oh and my face. i said that i want to eat portion controlled most days and have a few off ones and not feel guilty about them. he nodded and agreed.

so on that note. i have decided to tackle the shred again for another 30 days. so it will be more like the 60 day shred. what better way to get ready for a bathing suit than working those abs, back and arms. i may throw in a few days of running with the shred as the weather gets nicer.

weigh-in day tomorrow. praying for a loss. even if it is just a small one.

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