Monday, March 14, 2011

H 2 the O

Water. i have been drinking water for 6 days straight. nothing but water. i have had some suggestions on how to make drinking water better and i am going to post them up here for anyone else who has trouble gagging down H2O.

1. lemon juice- this was suggested from a friend i work with- she brought in a little plastic lemon filled with juice and i squeezed a couple squirts in my water bottle... What a difference! it added flavor! and not artifical sweetner flavor! I just picked up a little lemon bottle at the grocery store today!

2. The Carbonator- this was a suggestion from a friend i met in virginia when jenny glenny was getting married- The carbonator adds fizz to your drinks! it just so happen that tim and i have a gift certificate from my wedding shower to william and sonoma that we never used! Tim gave me the "okay" to purchase this item with our gift card!! looking forward to creating fizz drinks without the sweetner.

3. Precut Lemons- this was a suggestion given to me from a high school friend- not sure why I didn't think of this one. (can you tell i never drink water) she suggested to precut them and put them in a container... they last a pretty long time... so, again i went to the store today and purchased a lemon, cut it up, and placed it in a container. i used one for dinner tonight!

4. Lemon ice cubes- this was a suggestion i heard from the faculty room.... and for the life of me i can't remember who-- she suggested that i put cut lemons in the freezer and them plop them in my water when i am ready to drink. it makes the water cold and adds lemon flavor!

what i have learned about water is that I hate drinking it with food. i can tolerate water when i drink it on the way to work or about an hour after lunch... when i drink it with food, i taste the food with the water and it totally grosses me out. hence, why the lemon flavor has been so important to me. i don't taste my food, i taste the lemon!

Weighed in this morning. 147.8... that is a loss of exactly two pounds since last monday! down 15.4 pounds! creeping away from 150 and it feels AWESOME!

Next weigh-in: Monday, March 21st.

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